Khloe Kardashian Reveals Why None of Her Sisters Drink

Before Kocktails With Khloé was cancelled, Khloé revealed all the Dos and Don’ts of partying to Elle. During her interview, she explained why she drinks and why none of her sisters drink!

“Kimberly does not drink alcohol whatsoever. Pregnant or not, she’s just never been into it. Kendall and Kylie are not into it. Even when Kendall goes to Europe where the drinking age is 18, she’s never—Kendall’s really focused and determined. I think because my parents have always been like, ‘Listen, if you’re going to drink, call me. I need to pick you up…just be honest…I don’t want any of your friends driving you home.’ You know, we’re not here to yell or judge each other. We’ve never had problems or rehab stints or this or that. I definitely drank underage, but I don’t even drink, like, once a week now that I’m older. My mom has a drink every night with dinner. That’s her thing, and that’s what she loves to do. I don’t like the taste of alcohol like that, so if I drink, I drink for intent. Like, I don’t care to just have a glass of wine. No, I want to get fucking buzzed or drunk. That’s the point!”

Image Credits: Instagram


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