Kim Kardashian Finally Shares The Selfies She Took While Driving Khloe To Jail

One of the most iconic moments on Keeping up with the Kardashians is back thanks to Kim Kardashian.

Remember 2007, when Khloé Kardashian was off to serve her sentence for violating her probation, of course you do. Not because Khloé was off to prison, but because Kim decided this was a prime time to take selfies. Selfies she has finally shared on her website.


Photo credit : Kimkardashianwest.com


Photo credit : Kimkardashianwest.com


Photo credit : Kimkardashianwest.com


The moment will forever be etched in our minds, whether you watch the show or not, because this was the time Kim showed everyone she was the queen of selfies.

“Kim, would you stop taking pictures of yourself?” Kris Jenner sighs. “Your sister is going to jail.”

By time the sun rose on the next morning the ride was all over the internet, especially in the form of hilarious GIFS.

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