Kim K’s Response To The Slamming Of Her Nude Selfie Are Epic And Hilarious

Kim Kardashian knows how to make a scene on social media and her actions over the last few days have surpassed any previous efforts and set the bar for any future Kim-K social media antics.

But most importantly, her nude selfie and the following comments sparked heated debated surrounding women’s issues – conveniently on International Women’s Day.

In case you missed anything, it was all sparked by The Keeping up with the Kardashian’s stars nude selfie. While the photo racked up 1.3 million double-taps, some stars were not so supportive of Kim’s photo.

British television personality and journalist, Piers Morgan, jumped at the chance to bring up Kanye’s debt.

Singer and actress, Bette Midler, also tried her hand at making a joke out of Kim Kardashian’s nude-photo.

Actress Chloe, Grace Moretz, then joined the party, re-tweeting Bette’s post and adding her own thoughts.

So where was Kim in all of this? The reality TV queen apologised for her delayed response to the haters. of Kanye, it looks like the rapper has taught his wife a thing or two about how to use Twitter – he is the king of it after all.


Yup, she went and unleashed her inner Kanye. In fact, a lot of people were certain Kanye had taken over her twitter – much to Kims disappointment. course, Kim Kardashian knew the best way to shut down the haters, and posted another nude with a motivating caption.

Not only did Kim’s second nude shut down Twitter, but the image also brought the conversation of women’s rights and liberation to light, which was very fitting considering yesterday was International Women’s Day. Many celebrities took this opportunity to ask why a woman should be shamed for posting a nude selfie of her own body. Modern Family actress Ariel Winter was quick to bring up the issue of equality, pointing out that men are not shamed for posting their nude shots.



Singer, Demi Lovato, had the reality stars back posting an image to Instagram that broke down the issue.

  A photo posted by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on

And last, but certainly not least, was a response from Singer, Miley Cyrus, who pointed out that all of this drama was happening on International Women’s Day. Of course, she had to use a Kimoji!

Whether it was Kim’s intention or not, she sparked an interesting debate surrounding women’s rights and the expression of a women’s body. While I won’t be posting any photos along these lines any time soon, Kim’s selfie sparked a discussion that needed to be had.


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