Local NZ Cops Start Awesome Dance Off Challenge, Police Around The World Respond

A bunch of our boys in blue have laid down a dance challenge to every other countries police to the beats of My Boo by the Ghost Town DJs.

The video put out by the official NZ Police Recruitment Facebook page has a bunch of our cops get together in a carpark and bust some sweet moves. In the comments they tag Victoria Police, NSW Police Force, Western Australia Police, Queensland Police Service, South Australia Police, ACT Policing, Tasmania Police, LAPD Headquarters, Isles of Scilly Police and NYPD.


ACT Policing who take care of Canberra have taken notice of the challenge and Isles of Scilly has come back with a fantastic response, giving their reason for not partaking.

The NYPD have already come back with their own #runningmanchallenge dance off which has some help from the locals.

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