Lorde’s Bowie Tribute Shows You How A Tribute Is Really Done

The last Bowie tribute did not go so well, but at the recent Brit Award’s another singer took a crack at remembering the incredible musician that Bowie was.

Our very own Lorde sung Bowie’s Life on Mars, with his former tour band. The whole performance was heartfelt, and Lorde’s devotion to Bowie was seen and felt, particularly at the end of the segment when the singer is seen tearing up.


Lorde met Bowie back in 2013 and said the encounter changed her life. In a tribute she posted on her Facebook page she described him as her “hero” and explained “That night, something changed in me — I felt a calmness grow, a sureness,” she explained. “I think in those brief moments, he heralded me into my next new life, an old rock and roll alien in a perfect grey suit.”

“I realized everything I’d ever done, or would do from then on, would be done like maybe he was watching. I realized I was proud of my spiky strangeness because he had been proud of his.”




The Brit Awards posthumously awarded Bowie the Icon Award, with Gary Oldman accepting the award on his behalf.

Twitter was full of people giving Lorde’s performance a stamp of approval, the singer did do an incredible job.

Image Credits: Mic.com


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