Man Charged For the 1080 Poison Baby Formula Threat Named, You’ll Never Guess His Motive

So if you thought that the person responsible for last years infant formula threat was a nuts Greeny trying to stop 1080 from getting dumped all over our wildlife then you’d be wrong.

The crown court has claimed that it was in fact a business ploy by a rival possum poison company.

Today Businessman Jeremy Hamish Kerr, 60 appeared in court after pleading guilty to two counts of attempted blackmail. Suffice to say as far as life choices go, this was a bad one for Jeremy.

The case started in March 2015 when Fonterra and Federated Farmers recieved threatening letters stating that if 1080 wasn’t stopped, baby formula would be spiked with it. It did massive damage to our Dairy industry both home and overseas.

Mr Kerr was the owner of a rival business called Feratox, which created a cyanide-based poison. While his name was initially suppressed his lawyer John Billington, QC, said his client had agreed his name could be published.

Crown prosecutor Christine Gordon QC stated that he had become “agitated” over 1080, and that “His issues with 1080 were of a commercial point of view. Where it was used, Feratox wasn’t,” and that his profits would jump up 30% if 1080 wasn’t used.

Apparently he asked company managers every day how Feratox sales were doing. A co-founder of Feratox said that Jeremy was “extravagant” & “generous” with his cash.

“He would always be dreaming of boats and holidays and would always be spending money. For Jeremy, money was always in the background for everything he did.”

The witness also claims that Feratox couldn’t be used as a total replacement for 1080 since Feratox can’t be dropped aerially. However profits would still rise if 1080 was banned.