Ponytailgate Waitress “Selfish”?

If you haven’t heard all about ‘Ponytailgate’ by now, it’s possible that you’ve been hiding under a rather large and insulating rock. John Key’s hair pulling antics made news worldwide, prompted an outpouring of social media censure and had all the local news outlets scrambling for their own angle on the story. So it’s no surprise that Mike Hosking took on the hot issue during Seven Sharp on Thursday. What is surprising though, is what he had to say.

Hosking claims that the real victims of the fiasco are the cafe owners and said of waitress Amanda Bailey’s claim that “I felt NZ should know”: “What a puffed up, self involved pile of political bollocks.” He went on to minimize the incident, saying “What Key did was bizarre but it never warranted this.”

What Key did was bizarre but it never warranted this.

While some have questioned Bailey’s decision not to bring the issue up with her employers, Mike Hosking’s speech smacks suspiciously of victim blaming. Regardless of the circumstances around how the story broke, the fact is that any repeated unwanted touching is a serious issue – much more so if you’re the Prime Minister; someone who’s supposed to represent us on the world stage and guide the way toward a better future. Amanda Bailey expected better, and so should we.

  1. T says:

    Totally agree with Mike, well said. The girl’s presumption that ‘NZ should know’ is outright bizarre. What surprised me even more is how media cannot find real quality news, so pathetically thinks that New Zealanders will take this for a substitute. Press needs to get a good look at themselves and stop dumbing the nation. Too many cooking shows and Kardashians.

  2. Adele Fraser says:

    I have to admit, I think there is some truth in Mike Hosking’s comment. I agree it should never have happened, but I question the timing of the complaint/announcement – why take so long to do anything about it if you are so upset by it? To me it smacks of politicking and/or opportunism as in “What can I get out of this?”

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