Ryan Reynolds Broke a Law To Do Something Cute For Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds should win an Oscar for his harmonious performance at the American Border, which saw him smuggle apple pie into America for Blake Lively.

Ryan was in his home town of Vancouver for filming of his latest film Deadpool and wanted to make an impression on his wife when he returned home.

“My wife is a foodie,” he explained on the Graham Norton Show, “She loves these apple pies that they make at a place in Vancouver.”

However, Ryan encountered one major problem. It is illegal to cross the border with fruits and vegetables.

“Most Hollywood actors they have like a kilo of cocaine in the car, not a pie,” he joked.

Unfortunately the officer at the border knew something was up, most likely because of Ryan’s inability to lie and his terrible “pie face”.

But luckily for Ryan the officer was a fan and per his request Ryan sung ‘I swear’ from the end of his movie Just Friends and was across the border with the pie in no time.

The officer basically said dance monkey, and the monkey danced, Ryan said.

Check out Ryan on The Graham Norton Show where he explains the apple pie affair.

Image Credits: abcnews.com


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