Sandra Bullock’s Son Picked The Most Awkward Halloween Costume For Her

On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, when asked about her big Halloween plans, Bullock revealed that 5-year-old Louis will be dressed in a Ninja Turtle costume. What her son picked out for her is not so “classic.” She said, “he chose a slutty Batgirl, as I call it.”

“It’s like the most inappropriate. There’s the regular Batgirl, and then there’s the one for those moms that really like to turn it out.”

Including a tiny leather skirt, over-the-knee boots and a bustier, this costume was what caught Louis’ eye when they were looking through a costume catalogue.

“He went, ‘Momma, you has to wear this!’”

“And I went, ‘No, mama doesn’t has to. I’m not wearing that around your friends, honey.’”


Image Credits: YouTube


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