Selena Gomez Just Dropped A Major Truth Bomb About Kendall Jenner

You know that moment you put your foot in it and you wish you could turn back time, well we imagine that is exactly how Selena Gomez felt after her chat with Capital FM.

The singer revealed that fellow squad member Kendall Jenner has a boyfriend, something Kendall has kept pretty under wraps. In fairness, it seemed like an innocent slip of the tongue.

It all happened when Capital FM DJ Roman Kemp asked Selena if he could join their squad.

“Maybe not for the squad necessarily, but boyfriend material is always good…none of them are single, just so you know,” Selena explained. “Taylor is not single, Gigi is not single, neither is Kendall. I’m the only single one!”


Apart from Kendall’s brief romance with Harry Styles, she has managed to keep any current relationships hidden from the public eye – good on her! What happens now, who knows. But if it was a secret I would keep it away from Selena!

Image Credits: Instagram


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