The Future Of Makeup Tutorials Is Here, And It Is Amazing

Beauty vlogger lovers, this news will make your week! NARS has teamed up with Facebook 360 Video to bring you the makeup tutorial of the future.

Rather than just watching your favourite beauty vlogger, you will soon feel like you are actually in the moment.

This magic is all made possible by using immersive video technology, which is often used for sporting events, concerts, films, and of course, video games.

The 360 video shows NARS lead makeup stylist, Janice Daoud, creating a spring 2016 beauty look. The best part is that you are able control which section of the tutorial you want to focus on, either with a swipe of your cursor or by physically rotating your phone or dragging your finger across the screen.

But why is this relevant to you? How is this so much better than a normal YouTube video? Well, imagine this, it is a Saturday night and you want to copy the smoky eye of your favourite beauty vlogger. Only issue is that she is taking you through her flawless base first and taking forever. Now, you can save yourself the pain of having to carefully click through the video without going too far.

We cannot wait to see what the future brings, perhaps lipstick and foundation that actually stays on all day no matter how much you eat or sweat!?

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