The Hungover Look is a “Beauty Trend”

This look will come effortlessly for some. The day-after look that you wear on your uber-of-shame was the popular beauty trend at New York Fashion Week.

It’s not the hot mess with wild hair and smudged eyeliner look that they’re striving for. It’s close to the sick-on-Sunday from my heinous Saturday night look.

The trend started in Asia: the Japanese call it ‘byojaku’ face where your eyes are puffy and cheeks look flushed from the freezing weather. In Korea, both women and men are obsessed with ‘aegyo sal’ which translates to ‘cute baby-eye fat’. It’s the pocket of pudge underneath your lash line which makes you look cute and young. It’s not the dark circles that make you look like a sleep deprived and jaded hag. Under-eye fillers are a trend there now.

Drawing inspiration from this trend, makeup artists at NYFW emulated the flushed cheeks, red-rimmed eyes, puffy under-eyes and parched skin.

hungbeauty3.jpg (396×594)

Suno: lip gloss was used on the eyelids to make it look like they’ve had a good sob.

Narcisso Rodriguez: pinky mauve and green-brown shadows were used to create natural shadows around the eyes. It mimics an “I woke up like this” look.

Derek Lam: Tom Pecheux used yellow concealer to get a sallow looking hue.