The Internet Is Going Crazy For This Hairdryer That Will Change Your Life

Sure, it looks special if not like some futuristic contraption. But this Dyson Hairdryer will quite literally change your life.


Picture this, you have to get up early while your significant other is still asleep, but the only problem is you still need to dry your hair. Sure, you may have the option of going into another room. But we need mirrors and power and all our hair lotions and potions, so sometimes you just have to stay in your bedroom which really annoys your ‘sleeping’ partner. Now, they can sleep soundly and you can dry your hair! It really is a win win.


Sure, there are a few downsides to this. Like the fact that it comes with a hefty price tag of £299, about $630…but that might be the price your significant other is willing to pay for a sleep in. Probably not, but at least we know this is a possibility and in years to come we can all leave the house in the morning rested, blow-dried and happy.

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