The Red Peak Flag Design is Going to Be Part of the Referendum

When the only enthusiasm for changing the flag has come for a flag that wasn’t picked by the committee, it makes you even wonder why they bother with the 4 other choices going up against the old faithful Union Jack and Southern Cross.

John Key today confirmed that the Red Peaks flag will be added as a fifth option to go along with the four other flags. This will come as a relief to people who didn’t want fauna representing the country.

The legislation was put forward by the Green Party and the government has picked it up with John Key claiming he was fine with that idea all along.


As reported by The Herald Key stated “The whole way through I have said my preference is to stick with the process that the officials gave us – accept the four [designs already selected.

“I said I was prepared to go outside of that but I just didn’t want people playing games. The Greens have been very, very straight – they have said, here is a straight bill.

“In the end, I’m not wanting to be the one that stands in the way of people having some choice.”

I said I was prepared to go outside of that but I just didn’t want people playing games.

Key personally doesn’t like the Red Peak design but assures us “it doesn’t matter” what he thinks.

Labour has said it would support the inclusion of the 5th flag option but only if National agreed to add a question on whether the flag should change in the first of the two planned referendums (negating the need for the second referendum entirely if people agreed they didn’t want it changed).


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