The Three-Minute Wonder Product For Coloured Hair

Fading hair colour; you can’t avoid it. You need to deal with the old lacklustre hue until you fork out a few hundred dollars and sit there for 2 hours to get your hair coloured again. But this miracle time-saver can be used in between salon sessions to refresh your hair colour.


It’s designed to give longer lasting colour intensity, shine and luminosity – and it takes only three minutes. Jump in the shower, add the Live Salon Refresher Mousse and rinse off after 3 mins.

Blondes have had toners to keep their hair well maintained in between salon visits but now, brunettes and red heads can do this too.


Refresh Your Hair Colour in 3 minutesRefresh Your Hair Colour in 3 minutes! No mixing no gloves, it’s a must for the gals with coloured hair!

Posted by M2woman on Thursday, March 31, 2016

Image Credits: LOOK


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