This ER Reunion Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Jimmy Kimmel opened his show on Tuesday by promising what he called the “E.R. reunion of your dreams.”

While those who crossed their fingers for a reunion of George Clooney, Noah Wyle, Julianna Margulies, and Anthony Edwards were a little disappointed, those with a Clooney-crush felt their dreams had been answered.

Dreams of George often involve him in his scrubs saving our lives, but never would we imagine one of the most respected movie stars ever, rapping Sugarhill Gang’s hip-hop classic “Rapper’s Delight” on national television.

But George was not alone, he was joined by TV doctor House, Hugh Laurie, who helped him save Jimmy Kimmel’s life with the magic of rap.

Kimmel, who was in character as a wounded patient in a hospital bed, interjected George when he barked for a scalpel explaining why it was only Dr. Douglas Ross from County General Hospital who returned.

“Oh, ‘scuse me, sorry, I know I’m supposed to be under, but the reason nobody’s bringing you a scalpel is because, you know, this was kind of a last-minute thing and we had some trouble getting the whole cast of E.R.”

I guess they were just too busy saving lives.

Image Credits: Jimmy Kimmel Live


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