Top FIVE Excuses For Not Working Out And How To Beat Them!

It’s hard to stay motivated, especially if you’re at the beginning of your fitness journey. Here is a list of the top work out excuses and how you can beat them.

1. It’s been a hard day at the office.
It’s easier for many people to exercise before work or at lunchtime with friends rather than trying to get some exercise in at night after a long day. Starting your day with exercise can help with improved mood, increased fat burning and enhanced brain function. If this is not possible try scheduling a catch up with a training partner or personal trainer after work rather than training by yourself for extra motivation, we are always less likely to let someone else down.

2. I’m too tired/can’t be bothered.
Remember movement creates energy so actually the best thing you can do when feeling tired or lethargic can often be the opposite of what you feel. Use my 10 minute rule. Start some form of exercise or movement aiming to complete only 10 minutes. If you still feel exhausted or tired then stop and leave for the next day but 90% of the time you will want to carry on. The hardest part is getting started so having a very small time goal makes it easier to start doing something.

3. I’m hungover.
Start with a good dose of water and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to help flush the system out and aim for short and sweet exercise options to help the body recover. No you will never feel like doing it, but you will love yourself for it afterwards. Try for 16 mins of interval training on the bike, X-Trainer or walk/runs completing 20 seconds of fast pace followed by 40 seconds slow pace for the entire 16 mins.

4. I don’t have time.
Starting at the beginning of the week make some 30 minute ‘specialist’ appointments in your schedule as you would for the doctor or a business meeting. Put in 1 or 2 more than you would like to complete for exercise sessions so you have some back-up times in case something comes up and throws your schedule out a little. Leaving exercise to chance most often means it gets put far down the list to things to do. Make yourself a priority and as important as your other commitments.

5. I’m injured.
Many injuries recover better from some form of movement for blood flow and healing to occur optimally. Swimming is always a great option. The instructors can always work around injuries so be sure to tell them before you start the class. Biking can help immensely with knee problems or injuries and is low-impact. Your doctor or physio will also be able to tell you what you can and cannot do in terms of movement so also be sure to ask them. Look at it as an opportunity to try something new rather than a set-back.