10 Cities You Should Most Definitely Avoid

We’ve done plenty of lists of the most delicious holiday destinations out there but now it’s time to take a look at the darker side of travel.

A list put out by the Mexico Citizens Council for Public Security has released some pretty damning figures of the most dangerous cities in the world with most of them being located in Latin America. The list excludes warzones which are dangerous for pretty obvious reasons.

According to UN data, the cause is a large amount of drug trafficking, gang wars, political instability, corruption and poverty is to blame.

10 Most Dangerous Cities – By Homicides per 100,000 Inhabitants in 2015

1. Caracas, Venezuela – 119.87caracas-09

2. San Pedro Sula, Honduras – 111.03Avenida-Circunvalacion-San-Pedro-Sula-Honduras-A-Good-Base-for-Entering-Honduras

3. San Salvador, El Salvador – 108.54San-Salvador-Travel-In-The-Valley-of-the-Hammocks1

4. Acapulco, Mexico – 104.73Acapulco, Mexico

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What appears to be a paradise gem is really a place for drug lords to run riot. 12 homicides occure every day and one of the last that caught world headlines included a gunman shooting someone on a beach and jumping on a jetski to get away.

5. Maturin, Venezuela – 86.45caracas-venezuela

Venezuela features for the second time on this list, and not even for the last time. You know it’s kind of telling when you do an image search for a city and instead get protesters.