Love Travel? These 25 Things May Give You Culture Shock

Early last month I had the opportunity to rock around Vegas, you can read about it in the latest issue if you’re interested. But the hardest thing about the entire trip was definitely the shitty tipping culture. It’s messy, unnecessary, and downright awkward. By gratuity I assume they meant to say how gratuitous it is watching people scrabble around with money.

That example is fairly tame, compared to other countries, at least in America everyone speaks English so you can get help stumbling your way through the unspoken conventions that everyone else seem to do so effortlessly.

Check out some of the examples below of other culture shockers that might not just leave some poor server out of pocket. Some countries stand awkwardly close to each other for example, it’s only then that you realise that everyone else has silently agreed on how far away from everyone else you should stand.

[shortcode id=”33529″] whipped up a list of things to watch out for.

Anyway, check out these other examples below:


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