5 First Date Faux Pas That New Zealanders Think Are Deal Breakers

So it turns out that Kiwis aren’t so worried about bad kissing, but if you dare try and befriend them via Facebook before date two then you’re a total creep. That’s according to a new poll done by Elitesingles of 500 single Kiwis. Less than 3% of New Zealanders think that the quality of a kiss matters on the first date but 20% would be put off from going on a second date if you tried adding them on social media. We’re a weird bunch.

These are the Weirdest results that the poll found, so take note:

Taking pictures of your meal

Bad news for fans of the Hefe filter: taking photos of your food is definitely off-putting. In fact it’s considered even worse than common dating deal-breakers like dressing inappropriately for the date venue!

Getting out your selfie stick during dinner

It might be an idea to put away your camera altogether as mid-date selfies are also a no-no. Indeed, hated by one-in-five Kiwi men, they’re an even bigger first date sin than being late.

Listening politely to your date’s stories

Most experts agree that listening to someone intently isn’t just polite; it’s attractive. But, during a first date, that rule goes out the window. More than 70% of NZ singles would prefer their date to be someone who talks too much instead of a quiet soul who simply listens.

First Date Faux Pas infogrpahic EliteSingles NZ

Wearing too much jewellery

88% of Kiwis want a casual first date. Maybe that’s why wearing ornate jewellery is considered even more of a first date fashion faux pas than turning up in active wear!

But how do we get out of going on that second date if things aren’t working out? Well true to our nature we’re straight up about it, 67% of New Zealanders would opt to simply tell the truth to their date – no matter how harsh that truth might be.

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