These Are The 5 Most Relaxing Activities You Can Do

Life is busy and hectic, and we’re all just looking for a spare moment to chill out.

According to a world wide survey by Durham University researchers found that 68% of people wanted more rest. Other findings by the study found that those who felt they needed more rest scored lower in terms of well-being. Similarly, those who responded saying they think they get more rest than average or don’t feel in need of more rest, had well-being scores twice as high as those who wanted more rest.

Interestingly when polled on what people wanted to do to relax they were almost exclusively solitary experiences. Dr Felicity Callard, principal investigator on the project and social scientist in the Department of Geography, told Durham University News “It’s intriguing that the top activities considered restful are frequently done on one’s own. Perhaps it’s not only the total hours resting or working that we need to consider, but the rhythms of our work, rest and time with and without others.”

Here are the top Five Restful Activities Voted By Respondents

Reading (58%)pexels-photo-large

Being in the natural environment (53.1%)pexels-photo-27765-medium

Being on their own (52.1%)person-woman-art-creative-large

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Listening to music (40.6%)woman-girl-technology-music-large

Doing nothing in particular (40%)pexels-photo-54283-large

The research shows just how important rest can be. But from here it’s a matter of figuring out what the optimal amount is. Personally I reckon it’s as much as possible.

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