6 Common Foods To Avoid If You Really Want to Avoid Food Poisoning

Bill Marler is a lawyer from the U.S. who specialises in cases involving food poisoning, on his blog he decided to share the 6 things he avoids eating, and it isn’t just dodgy curry from down.

1. Unpasteurized (“raw”) milk and packaged juices

Unpasteurized milk, sometimes called “raw” milk, can be contaminated with bacteria, viruses and parasites. Between 1998 and 2011, there were 148 food poisoning outbreaks linked to raw milk and raw milk products in the US—and keep in mind that comparatively few people in the country ever consume these products, so 148 outbreaks is nothing to ignore.

There’s no benefit big enough to take away the risk of drinking products that can be made safe by pasteurization,”

2. Raw sprouts

“There have been too many outbreaks to not pay attention to the risk of sprout contamination,” Marler says. “Those are products that I just don’t eat at all.” He did add that he does eat them if they’re cooked.

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3. Meat that isn’t well-done

“The reason ground products are more problematic and need to be cooked more thoroughly is that any bacteria that’s on the surface of the meat can be ground inside of it,” Marler says. “If it’s not cooked thoroughly to 160°F throughout, it can cause poisoning by E. coli and salmonella and other bacterial illnesses.”