The 8 Most Bizarre Things Amusement Park Workers Have Found

These anecdotes told by people who work at the likes of Rainbows End or Disneyland ranges from things they’ve found to things they’ve seen, all of which are either horrifying or hilarious. There’s the predictable sex toy find of course, but there are a couple oddball finds that are just beyond belief.

Below we share a couple of the most bizarre things people have found, as told by redditors.

Backpack of 100 Socks

I found a backpack with like 100 old socks in it after the park closed one night. All of the socks were black.

A Person

I worked in a video arcade at an amusement park. We were shutting down for the night and I went to a corner to turn out the lights. There was a passed out teenager behind a video game. He was so out, it took four guys to carry him to the security station. I dont know what they did with him after that.

Glass EyeballBlue-Eyeball

We didn’t find it but we stopped a rollercoaster briefly to have maintenance look around for a guest’s glass eyeball that fell out during his ride.

A Leg

Saw a prosthetic leg fly off the Raptor at Cedar Point once, I laughed harder than I should have

A Flushed Bra

Worked at LaRonde in Montreal a few years back. We had trouble with a clogged toilet. Finally brought the big guns in, the plumber pulled out half a bra. Who flushes down a bra???

Who flushes down a bra???

A BMX Bike & Broken Teeth

OH MAN I’ve been waiting to tell this story. I worked as a lifeguard in California’s Raging Waters about ten years ago. It’s really REALLY easy to break into the park at night (or at least it used to be, not sure if things have changed).

There’s one really steep, really tall ride called Dropout that’s famous for two reasons: 1) it’s scary as fuck when it’s your first time because your back doesn’t touch the slide for a second and you freefall and 2) girls lose their tops on it all the time. Well, one early morning, a group of us lifeguards are doing a quick clean before the park opens. We go to dropout and find MOTHERFUCKING BMX TIRE TRACKS GOING DOWN THE SLIDE. Which would have been cool if there wasn’t a DRIED PUDDLE OF BLOOD AND MOTHERFUCKING TEETH LAYING AT THE BOTTOM. There was a trail of blood leading back to the fence where you could sneak out of the park.

A Vibrator In the Wave Pool

I used to work at a water park. The weirdest thing I found after closing is a vibrater. Hell, I didn’t even know what it was at first because it wasnt the kind that looks like a penis. Just saw this hot pink thing laying on the ground by the wave pool.

Cat Skin

I found a plastic baggie with cat skin in it. It was like one of those bear skin rugs. It was even pretty clean looking, definitely not freshly skinned. I don’t know how it got there, why it was there… I was pretty freaked out when I found it, thought it was a dead animal.

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