Top 7 Fitness Myths We Have To Stop Believing

You’re in the gym, trading tips, you trust your friends. They wouldn’t lie to you would they? Of course they wouldn’t. But somewhere along the way some folklore gets bandied around and somehow becomes an unquestioned truth. These waste our time and in some instances can be dangerous to our fitness. So without further ado here are the top myths we need to stop spreading around.

1. If You Don’t Feel Crap At The End Of  The Workout, You didn’t really work out

This sort of philosophy is for people who are working hard to give themselves an injury. Working out isn’t a competition. Take it easy and avoid damaging yourself!

2. Weight Training Will Make Women Bulky


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If you’re looking at those super ripped bulky women at competitions don’t be terrified that lifting a weight once or twice will make you look like a man. They’re a bad example, as if you want to look like that you’re going to have to shoot yourself full of steroids. To look like a guy you’re going to have to up the amount of testosterone coursing through your body. Trust me, it’s not something you do by mistake. Gaining a bit of muscle isn’t bad.

3. Squats Are Bad For Your Knees

Squats and lunges have had a bad rap for knee injuries but as 

There’s a right way and a wrong way to do these things. Make sure you do it right and you’ll be all good.

4. Men & Women Need to Do Different Exercises

We’re not different enough for this to be an actual thing. Women tend to concentrate on Legs and Gluts but guys work on their upper body. It’s a cultural aesthetics thing that makes both sexes forget an entire half of their body.