8 Jokes People Just Don’t Get If They Aren’t From New Zealand

Us kiwi’s have a pretty messed up accent, and sometimes it’s good to just take a look at ourselves and knock ourselves down a peg or two. Although to be honest, we don’t need much help with the lowering of pegs.

The NZ community Subreddit brought together a bunch of jokers yesterday to have a few quick laughs with some simple quick one liners. It all quicked off with this one.

  • What did the Maori say to the Jew? Hebrew

It’s a pretty simple gag. But it’s also sort of eye opening when an American had to comment asking what the joke even was. “I’m a American. Can anyone explain any of these jokes to me?”

“The OP’s joke is a twist on the popular “Hey, bro” saying in NZ – if one were to say that with a certain accent being mimicked in the thread, it might sound like ‘Hebrew”.” a helpful person explained. The joke isn’t funny at all now though since it had to be explained, but here are some more, just to get your week going.

  • What did the Maori cat say when he looked in the mirror? You look like meow.
  • What’s a Hindu? Lays iggs in newzild.
  • If there are power shortages, which will does the Aucklander keep running, the cappuccino machine or the air conditioner? Both.
  • What did the Maori dude say when his mate got covered in concrete? Statue bro?
  • What do you call a Pakeha in a creek? Whitebait.
  • What is Maori for “silence of the lambs” “shaddup ewes”
  • What did Aucklanders use before candles? Electricity.

As you can see, it’s all in the accent. Also in the merciless fun people have at Aucklanders expense. Hey I don’t mind, I can’t get over the Cappuccino machine joke either.

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