America Is One Of The Most Empathetic Countries In The World But Not As Much as the Middle East

A first of its kind study has taken place to find where the most empathetic countries in the world are, and as a happy coincidence of its nature it also found the place where nobody can be relied upon to give a crap about you and your dumb feelings.

The study, published online in the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, was co-authored by Ed O’Brien of the University of Chicago and Sara Konrath of Indiana University. Using 104,000 people from around the world to answer a survey the researchers gathered data on 63 countries.

It turns out New Zealand isn’t very high on the empathy scale, we’re about on level with the UK and Australia. However the lowest empathy country is Lithuania, and according to the data, 7 of the bottom ten were in Eastern Europe.


Much to the researchers surprise Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait all rated highly on the charts, even higher than the USA in the case of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. That could be because the study did not distinguish between feeling empathy toward people in other countries vs. people in one’s own country.

It’s been hypothesized that American empathy has been on the decline due to social media; increases in violence and bullying; changing parenting and family practices; and increasing expectations of success.

Here are the Top Ten Countries for Empathy


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Ecuadorian girls who feel their footballers pretend pain when he pulls a hollywood on the pitch.

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Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabian girls so empathetic they have to veil it.


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Peruvians in national dress have nothing to worry about because of how much empathy they have. “No one would ever hurt me because they’d know how it feels” she says.

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