Eat Any of These Three Things To Quickly Remove Garlic Breath

Ok so not all of us have a toothbrush and have a dozen mints squirreled away on our person at all times. But say you’re going out on a date and suddenly realised you committed the cardinal sin of ordering a ton of garlic then these are the chasers you should immediately order.

Researchers from the Ohio State University made participants in a study chew three grams of softneck garlic cloves to chew for 25 seconds. They then made them try a variety of different substances to remove the smell. These included water (control), raw, juiced or heated apple, raw or heated lettuce, raw or juiced mint leaves, or green tea.


They found that all these combinations were effective apart from green tea, which showed no effect at all.

The effects of garlic breath can hang around for up to 24 hours, so it’s handy to have something to combat it with. What actually makes your breath disgusting is a mix of “volatiles” such as diallyl disulfide, allyl mercaptan, allyl methyl disulfide, and allyl methyl sulfide.

Next time you go out order an apple juice and a salad

Raw apple and raw lettuce decreased the level of volatiles by 50% or more but mint leaves higher deodorization level.

Both heated apple and lettuce produced a significant reduction of volatiles but who wants to warm up lettuce? Gross.

Apple juice and mint juice reduced the levels of volatiles, but not as effectively as chewing raw apple or raw mint. Raw foods contain enzymes the removes the odour and phenolic compounds that destroy the volatiles. This is why the raw foods tended to be more effective, as cooked foods only had phenolic compounds.

So maybe next time you go out for dinner order an apple juice and a salad.

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