Finally A Superhero We Can Get Behind, New Wonder Woman Trailer is Out & It Looks Awesome!

At comic-con a load of trailers got dropped, including the much anticipated Wonder Woman trailer. The surprises the trailer reveals makes us even more excited for the film.

The films lead will be Gal Gadot, who will be reprising her roll as probably the most iconic female superhero comics has to offer. Last time she appeared in this roll during the panned Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. That movie suffered from having to much stuffed into it, but this new film looks to have shrugged all that off for a classic introduction origin film.

The movie is set in World War Two, and seems to portray Gadot taking on entire armies by herself. Chris Pine plays her love interest and human guide for the messed up world of human affairs. It’s hard to mingle when you were created by Zeus and hang out on an island comprised completely of warrior women.

The film is directed by Patty Jenkins, and she’s not pulling any punches on the female empowerment angle. The public reaction to the trailer has been immensely positive, as fans have been waiting for this film for years now.

This wasn’t the only trailer Gadot and her iconic character starred in over the weekend however. She also appeared in the Justice League trailer, which is DC’s answer to the Avenger films. The visual aesthetics are typically grungier than what Marvel churns out every summer.

The Wonder Woman film will be the first superhero film in recent years that focuses on a female protagonist. Not even Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow character who has been a staple of the Avengers series hasn’t received her own solo film.

The question is at this point, can DC successfully give her the film she deserves?

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