Flate Mates Open Their Blinds For the First Time & Find Something Extremely Essential Missing

A group on Facebook which specialises in highlighting the worst parts of London living and culture has just found the worst set of ‘windows’ in London.

Imagine it with me now, you’re renting a lovely place with it’s own kitchen and bathroom. Relative luxury! Maybe the place is feeling a little claustrophobic because the blinds are closed. Better open them up a bit and bring some light into the place.

London Flat with no windows but has blinds (1) London Flat with no windows but has blinds (2)

“My friends rented a house in camden.. Amazing house with own bathroom, kitchen and windows with amazing views to the wall” the post reads.

Look at that beautiful view! The wall is such a lovely shade of yellow. There’s also the bonus of never having a draft or knowing whether it’s day or night without a 24 hour clock hanging on your wall where the window should be!

One user thought they should count themselves lucky.  “Don’t ever live in Spain, then. Windowless apartments are commonplace.”

“My apartment in Monumental, Barcelona had one window. And it looked into the lobby.”

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