Meet Your New Personal Trainer, the Gemini 3 RE and Europa RE

There’s a lot of buzz these days about wearables and what they can do for you. However things like smart watches are like shackles you need to take time out of your day to put on. This makes them easy to forget and eventually never use. With that in mind, if something like your shoes for example were smart devices then this would never be a problem. Putting on your shoes before a run is a given. You’re not going to forget those. That’s where the UA Record Equipped shoes by Under Armour come in.

Coming in three sporty looks there is the Gemini 3 RE and Europa RE. Later in the month I’m going to take a pair up the Tongariro crossing. I’ll tell you how it goes. But in the meantime, here’s what you need to know before grabbing a pair.


 Interfacing with the MapMyRun, the Under Armour mobile app, the shoes can give you a real-time feed of information. It can give you info on your muscular fatigue just prior to your run, just by you jumping up and down a couple times. It takes your physical status into account and tells you how hard you should be running like a personal trainer.

From there it can give you the usual goodies of information such as your workout stats, cadence, and even the mileage of the shoes.

Ok, you’re probably wondering how often you need to plug them in and the answer is never. The shoes will fall to pieces from the usual wear and tear you chuck at them before the battery has a chance to wear out.

Another bane of connected devices is their total reliance on your phone. You might be the sort of person who likes to run light, with no phablets flopping around in your pockets (or lack of pockets). Fortunately your shoes can store up to five workouts before needing to sync with your phone. So you don’t need to take your phone with you on your run! So far I’m pretty impressed with what these shoes have to offer, and the thought that’s gone into them is incredible. I didn’t expect a fitness brand to outdo what silicon valley have been getting wrong for so long. We don’t need added devices. People don’t wear watches these days for a reason. What we need is something that doesn’t get in our way, and tells us everything we need to know.

If you’re interested there’s more details and info at their website.