Get Out This Weekend To the Heineken Urban Polo In The Heart of Auckland

Wouldn’t it be nice if Polo was just a little faster, a little bit more exciting and a little bit closer to home? It is nice and it does exist. Introducing the Heineken Urban Polo . You might expect some Youtube style back alley mallet action when I say that, but this years Heineken Urban Polo is just as classy and comfy as the regular deal.

The concept is simple. It’s a premium, fast-paced experience of the polo, coupled with a summer festival style music and entertainment program provided by George FM DJs throughout the day.

What is Urban Polo
Image Credit: New Zealand Polo Open, Clevedon

The regular polo format doesn’t quite fit in a more enclosed urban setting. So to accomodate this the sport will be adapted to a smaller field with simplified rules to make the action just as exciting to watch as it is to play. Each competing team will have three players, one less than traditional polo, while each match will be shortened to 30 minutes. This will lend the sport to a quickfire fast paced style.

Ticket holders will have access to the events grounds which includes access to an array of bars and food vendors ensuring a superb selection of delicious food and beverages all day.

The line-up of local and internationally recognised DJs including guest performances by Kilter and Miami Horror, against the urban backdrop of the city.

Prices start at $65 and go up to $115 for VIP Heineken Lawn tickets. From there you’re located in a premier position pitch-side and shaded with a nearby cash bar to keep you watered throughout the day.

There’s also the VIP Polo Lounge by George FM which is right in the action giving you the chance to mingle with stars of polo, music, and George FM DJs as well as a host of celebrity guests.

If this sounds like your idea of an awesome time the Auckland event takes place at Shore Road Reserve on the 25th of February. Tickets on sale at now.