Gordon Ramsay Is Judging Everyone’s Home Cooked Meals on Twitter in His Typical Savage Fashion

Frequently my Fiancee and I will share our honest thoughts on each other’s meals, but we’re usually as diplomatic as possible. We’re both very tender souls, but we’re realists at the same time. We know when we’ve messed up a meal, and our partner will just say what we’re already thinking. We’re never as brutal as Ramsay though.

When Gordon Ramsay isn’t busy providing the worst example of a working environment on TV he apparently spends his time on Twitter savagely ripping into people’s pleb food. His analysis of the presentation is usually short and succinct, normally revolving around how the tablecloth looks more appealing.

Check out a selection below. His tweets are coming in thick and fast. It’s hard to keep up with how terrible everyone is.


Ramsay isn’t a total hardass though, Sometimes he actually sees something he doesn’t mind!

If I were you though, I would avoid sending him anything unless you want to have a real bad day, or a real laugh. Depends on how well you can take critique of your microwave dinners.

Gordon isn’t just talking the talk though. In February it was announced that Le Pressoir d’Argent, Gordon Ramsay’s fine dining restaurant, situated on the first floor of The Intercontinental Bordeaux – Le Grand Hotel, had been awarded its second Michelin star, just 17 months after first opening its doors.

Originally from Israel, Le Pressoir d’Argent’s Chef de cuisine Gilad Peled, started his journey with Gordon Ramsay in London eight years ago at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. If you’re interested in following in those footsteps, but at a more approachable level you can try out Ramsay’s online Masterclass. Abuse not included.