5 Ways To Get a Fast Metabolism

You know those skinny people who brag about how they can eat any old rubbish and stay skinny? Wouldn’t it be nice to be just like them? Is it even possible? Well, metabolism is a mix of genetics and lifestyle, and while we can’t change our genes we can certainly change our lifestyle to promote a healthy metabolism.

“We can manipulate our metabolism to a degree,” Says Taylor Newhouse, a registered dietitian with the Texas A&M School of Public Health. “It’s like a campfire: just like we need to give a fire tinder and pieces of wood in order to keep it from slowing down and burning out, we need to fuel our metabolism as well.”

So what do you do to get the fire roaring?

Eating Leaves & Working Out

“Eating your leafy vegetables and working out can definitely help your metabolism,” Newhouse said. “Muscle burns more energy than fat, so lifting weights or anything else that builds muscle—along with eating correctly—can play a large role in how our body processes nutrients.”

Don’t Forget Breakfast!

“People tend to overlook how important breakfast is,” Newhouse said. “We go all night without food, and our body can approach a fasting state, an episode where our body will withhold calories, if we wait too long to eat after waking up.”

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Get a Good Nights Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can actually slow your metabolism down, so try and avoid keeping yourself up.

Don’t Get Stressed

Stress creates cortisol, cortisol slows metabolism. DON’T PANIC.


“Eating snacks won’t slow down your metabolism if you’re eating the right foods,” Newhouse said. “Healthy snacks—such as nuts, fruit or vegetables—have the nutrients to slow the rate of digestion, keep you feeling fuller longer and keep your body working to process the nutrients.”