Here’s The Shopping List Of The Girl Who Accidentally Got $4.6 million From The Bank

The Bank error which allowed 21-year old Christine Jiaxin Lee to have access to AUS$4.6 million has been making headlines recently but now the shopping list of the items that she dropped all her money on has been listed.

The bank error by Westpac allowed her to have a seemingly unlimited overdraft on her statement account, which doesn’t exactly sound like free money to me. It’s more like taking all the stops off your ability to be an idiot with money you can’t afford to pay back.

The list of purchases show eye watering receipts for high end fashion stores where she’d drop thousands of dollars on handbags, only to go back the next day and spend even more.

Shopping List Of Girl

Her biggest purchase appears to be $220,200 at Christian Dior. They day before Lee spent $70,890 at the same place, and the day after she followed it up with an extra $94,520.

Allegedly she transfered money from her Westpac account to a Commonwealth Bank account, which was a smart move since when her Westpac account was frozen she could continue to go on shopping sprees.

She should have invested in property.