These Houses In Dunedin Are Freaking Out The Internet

New Zealand has a lot of cool stuff. Pineapple lumps, the nek minute guy, and houses that look completely mind melting if you don’t know what’s going on.

Photos on Instagram of world’s steepest street Baldwin Street in Dunedin have started making the rounds internationally as people discover the insane gradient and the optical illusions it creates.

“How to mess with people’s minds, Tip #43: Anchor your letterbox so that it’s on the same incline as the street. Violà! Your house is now sinking.”

The pictures are aligned to the road, so they make the houses look like they were built sideways, even when you know what’s going on it’s hard to get your head around it.

Who decided that Baldwin Street was a good idea anyway? Well when the city was planned out (most likely by someone in London) they made no considerations for terrain when they laid out the grid. So as far as they knew, it was a nice friendly road like all the others.

At it’s steepest for every for every 2.86 metres travelled horizontally, the elevation changes by 1 metre. It’s a true test of your rental car if you can get it up that final push, where it gets terrifyingly steep. We recommend getting a good run up, and just watch for all the other tourists taking photos. It’s also a bit of a pain turning around at the very top, but it can be done.

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whaat?! #steep #illusion #perspektive #baldwinstreet #dunedin

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Wonky… Welcome to my City..

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Baldwin Street was recently the home to the Cadbury Chocolate Carnival where they rolled 25,000 jaffas down the street for charity.

Talking about Jaffas, the new limited edition blocks of chocolate are out again. Get in on it while they’re still around!

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