How To Get Your Pool Summer Ready This Spring

Summer is the time when the sun is at its most harsh – and when gardens will be at their most green, lively and productive. Founder and director of Landart Landscapes, Matt Leacy, shares his top tips for preparing a garden for spring, so that it will thrive throughout the upcoming hot summer.

1. Regular routine care

“The secret to keeping your pool as clean is to do maintenance regularly,” says Matt. “Rome wasn’t built in a day, and cleaning your pool can be a big job that should be broken down and spread out into little tasks. Regular maintenance will also help to keep the pH level of your pool neutral as only small corrections will be needed rather than large changes. If your pool has been neglected over winter, now is the time to start a new care routine. Or if you don’t have time, call in expert assistance to maintain your pool health.”

2. Invest in a pool cover

“A pool cover will protect your pool through the months you’re not using it,” says Matt. “It will help minimise evaporation and keep the sun at bay. Algae needs sunlight to bloom so if you can keep an even pH, the debris and sun to a minimum, you’ll find yourself with more free time as the pool will need a lot less attention.”

3. Remove floating debris

“Use a long-handled net to help remove floating debris from the top of your pool before it sinks and becomes harder to clean” Matt suggests. “It is also helpful to make sure that you are consistently cleaning out the skimmer baskets at least once a week. Both of these actions help improve the circulation of the water in the pool.”

4. Ensure the pH level remains consistent

“Always ensure that the pH level of your pool remains between 7.2 and 7.8” says Matt. “This is a safe level for swimmers to splash around in.”

“It is easy to monitor the pH level of your pool using a pH testing kit,” he explains. “The pool is like your garden – examine it daily and look for any indications that something might be wrong. It is more cost effective to do little maintenance checks all year-round to stay on top of your pool’s health, rather than trying to fix it after the damage has been done.”

“Make sure you have the right equipment and, if you are starting out or updating your system, a mineral pool system is worth checking out – not only for your skin’s sake but also because it may save you time on maintenance as well,” Matt concludes.