Money Saving Hacks: Shopping Smarter At The Supermarket

We’ve all heard about all the psychological tricks grovery stores pull on us. The most naked examples are the impulse buys right at the counter offering you an instant hit of Snickers Bars. But there are other tricks that they get you with along the way as well. Everything from the music and the shopping cart are designed to make you spend more.

Slow tunes make you slow down, making you spend more time and money in-store. Doubling the size of the cart can make you spend 40% more as well. On average you will spend an extra $16 a week (or $832 a year) on the multi-buy offers.

But there are some solid tips that will instantly help you save money. First off, avoid 1 item trips, like nipping down to get a single bottle of milk, this can lower your opportunities for impulse buying.

Have a meal plan and look around the house for what you actually need. List it all down and have a solid shopping budget that you can’t break. Having structure means you won’t just go in to Pak n Save and start chucking money around willy nilly.

CashnetUSA helped us collect a number of tips to make sure you optimize your trip to save you the most amount of money and time.

For more tips, check Out the Infographic Below


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