How Important is Your Relationship? Study Finds Meat Eaters Would Rather Dump Their Partner Than Turn Vegetarian

This World Vegetarian Day, Kiwis who tell their partners ”it’s me or the meat” might be in for a shock – a new survey has revealed that 68% of New Zealanders would choose red meat over love.

Just in time for World Vegetarian Day (1st October), a new survey from the dating site Elite Singles has taken a closer look at romance and the Kiwi diet.

68% of meat eaters would dump their partner before they’d dump bacon

The survey of 300 Kiwi singles found that, if given an ultimatum (i.e. ”it’s me or the meat”), 68% of meat eaters would choose meat. What’s more, a number of NZ meat eaters worry that falling for a vegetarian will mean a life without so much as a sausage sizzle: 16% see the threat of attempted conversion as the number one reason not to date a vegetarian.

However, it may be the ultimatum rather than the diet that is the real problem. Indeed, if asked nicely by a vegetarian partner, nearly half of Kiwi meat eaters (47%) would be prepared to try going at least semi-vegetarian. This includes 28% who would try and avoid meat in front of their partner and 19% who would give it up entirely.

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Just 3% of vegetarians would want to convert a partner

Yet, the study proved that these conversion fears are unfounded. In fact, just 3% of vegetarians surveyed would insist that their partner swear off meat. 27% would like a partner to at least consider eating less meat, and the vast majority – 70% – don’t think it is their place to make demands on a partner’s diet.

What’s more, 93% of Kiwi vegetarians would be happy to start a serious relationship with someone who eats meat. Slightly fewer meat eaters (85%) would want a serious relationship with a vegetarian.