It’s Official, No One Says Lol Anymore – Infographic

When Facebook isn’t gleaning all your information they’re organizing everyone into different categories of which laugh shorthand you use. What their research found was that only 1.9% of people used “lol” and that by far and away the biggest shorthand for laughing used these days is “haha” or a variant of that.


“Since most people used a single type of laugh, we classified people in our dataset into four categories based on their most commonly used laugh. For brevity of the plots, we write these as haha, hehe, lol and emoji. Keep in mind that the class label includes a wide range of laughs, e.g., haha includes terms like haha, hahaha, haahhhaa, etc.”

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“Haha” was used widely across all age groups, from 13-70. When looking at different age groups it found that the youngest age group tended towards using emoji while a “lol” user tended to be a bit older.


Gender wars are always fun, with girls being more open to using emoji’s than guys were, but guys are “haha”ing harder than the girls.


It’s kind of crazy how easily I fall into the right category. D=