This is The Easiest Way to Get Back Into the Dating Scene

Dating is something that’s been on my mind a lot recently. A couple friends have recently gone back on the market, so to speak. While the grieving period is wearing off it’s started to become time to think about getting back into the dating scene again. For one of my friends it may be a matter of getting the confidence up to try at all, and for the other she just needs a nice no pressure environment to even consider it.

This latter friend has been scared off of the idea of Tinder due to ZM’s infamous Tinder Nightmares segment that regales listeners with Tinder horror stories and dates that go horribly wrong

So I went hunting around for options, because I’m a good matchmaker, and found what I consider to be the best option available. IntroducingDate With Eight, a way to meet a ton of people with none of the one on one intimidation. The idea is that you have a date with seven other people within your age group. The Date With Eight team set up the date you’re going to have, and bring together the people you’re going to meet. All you need to do is show up.

Date With Eight takes advantage of Auckland’s impressive dining scene and other activities the city has to offer. Date With Eight sorts out the venue, the date, the time, so all you need to do is show up and meet some new people. It’s up to you whether you want to exchange numbers at the end, and if you’re still feeling awkward about going solo, you can always take a friend along with you. The only proviso there is that they have to be single as well. So no bringing your married couple along for moral support.

The really cool part seems to be the variety of activities. People who are more comfortable being active can get in the big outdoors and do canoeing or whatever it is active people do. While the foodies get a chance to try some new places out. The newest date on the Itinerary is the ice cream making in Giapo’s test kitchen, which adds a nice interactive touch to the date while in August they’re planning on launching cocktail classes at Vodka Room.

So, to my two single friends, and anyone reading, here’s the link. You know what to do.