Optical Illusion: What You Immediately See Isn’t What Kids See

If you only see two people making love, then you’re not seeing the whole picture, or what kids immediately see.

Most children don’t have a memory associated with the scenario depicted in the image, so instead they see 9 dolphins. Can you see them?

The image is reportedly used by psychologists to discuss memory, experience and maturity in kids.

[tabgroup layout=”horizontal”]
[tab title=”Original”]Man and woman making love or two dolphins[/tab]
[tab title=”Click Here If You’re Having Trouble Seeing the Dolphins”]Dolphins-or-man-and-woman-making-love[/tab]


So if your toddler can tell what’s going on, maybe it’s time to ask some big questions. And if you’re well into your years and see dolphins first, what’s going on man?

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