Our 10 Favourite Travelgrammers

Over the weekend instagram feeds have been flooded with amazing photos of New Zealand, from as high as Whangarei and as low as Invercargill. All the photos showcase the very best the country has to offer, as well as giving us all ideas for how to make our own feeds as amazing.

The glut of images are all hashtagged #ChoiceNZTravelGrammer2017 and all the people posting are competing against each other for the title of ‘Choice Hotels NZ TravelGrammer 2017 winner’. All the contestants are being put up by hotelier Choice Hotels, so their accomodation is completely sorted while they head out to make our country look as beautiful as they can possibly make it.

Hit up the instagram hashtag #ChoiceNZTravelGrammer2017 over the next couple weeks to keep up with the competition as more imagery continues to appear to one up each other.

Here’s a couple of our favourite shots so far

Jordan McInally from @undersoulphotographyQuality Hotel International, New Plymouth

I honestly couldn’t choose between these two images, they’re just both so beautiful.

Choice Hotels TravelGrammer -View of Mt Taranaki by Jordan McInally

Choice Hotels TravelGrammer - Sunset Shot of Mt Taranaki by Jordan McInally

Melissa Jack from @thebestnestComfort Inn Academy, Tauranga

Choice Hotels TravelGrammer - summit of Mauao by Melissa Jack

Jenny Gao from @otherworld.lyQuality Inn Nelson

Choice Hotels TravelGrammer - Horseback tour in Nelson by Jenny Gao2

Emma Fehon from @theadventureiscallingComfort Inn Tayesta, Invercargill

Choice Hotels TravelGrammer - Room with a view at Comfort Inn Tayesta, by Emma Fehon

Zemira Bosnjakovic from @hlovesc_comQuality Hotel Parnell, Auckland

Choice Hotels TravelGrammer - Mudbrick Vineyard, Waiheke Island by Zemira Bosnjakovic

Tamsin Gorman from @amongmountainsandlakesQuality Hotel Elms, Christchurch

Choice Hotels TravelGrammer -New Brighton Beach sunrise by Tamsin Gorman

Brando Yelavich from @wildboy_adventuresQuality Hotel Ambassador, Hamilton

Choice Hotels TravelGrammer -Kayaking in Raglan by Brando Yelavich

Brett Sweden and Bianca Brunschwiler from @kiwisoffcourseComfort Hotel Flames, Whangarei


Lester Chan from @mrlesterchanQuality Hotel Marlborough, Blenheim


As a bit of a bonus we’ve also included some of the best Insta shots they’ve taken so far in their native format.

The views from the air are always a little better! When you catch me on a plane, you’d see that I get distracted real easily with flying across the beautiful landscapes of our amazing country. I had such an awesome time out exploring Blenheim with @choice_hotels_nz #ChoiceNZTravelGrammer2017 ! The memories I’ve had on this trip will definitely stay with me! #QualityHotelMarlborough #choicehotelsnz #needabreak #takemeback – I’m just about to hop on an interview with the Blenheim Paper and I’m so excited to share what’s been going this past weekend here! ✌? If you’d like to go on your own little adventure as well, be sure to follow @choice_hotels_nz for a chance to win a weekend away at the amazing Choice hotel chains across New Zealand 🙂

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I woke up like this ? #ChoiceNZTravelGrammer2017 #ChoiceHotelsNZ #QualityHotelParnell #needabreak

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