This Is What People Eat Most On Their Cheat Day

You’ve been good for a couple weeks, sticking to your low-carb gluten free whatever diet. You may have even shredded a couple pounds! Now you’re out with friends and you’re all deciding where to eat. This is your greatest moment of weakness. You’re going to cave and get fast food because, as you tell yourself, you deserve it.

We all do it, unless you’re part of the 1% who don’t even cheat on your cheat day. You healthy monsters you. But when given the chance, what do food cheaters crave over all else. Take a look below!


This data comes courtesy of Home Run Inn Pizza, who were obviously confident that peoples most loved cheat food would be pizza (53%). It’s a personal weakness as well with my own partner as we get ready for our upcoming wedding. However it may be a little different here in New Zealand because pizza is about the only delivery food you can get on a lazy “I can’t be bothered cooking” day. Follow up cheat meals include salty snacks (40%), deep fried foods (39%), ice cream (33%) and chocolate (32%).

Women prefer chocolate, men prefer burgers, millennials prefer tacos, boomers prefer salty snacks. There’s absolutely nothing there that came as a surprise. 48% of surveyed respondents said they cheated more than their diet allowed them to. Only 1% said they never cheated even though it was allowed within their diet. Twice this amount is the number of people who would travel over an hour to get to their cheat food of choice, so it all balances out.

The biggest reason that people cheat on their diet was pretty evenly split.  Nearly half of our respondents said it was part of their diet, and the other half said they just couldn’t resist the foods they love.

I’m not sure what the lesson to be learnt here is, hopefully it gives you some good ideas for what you’re going to eat on your next cheat day I guess?