Research Has Found The World’s Ugliest Colour

Interior decorators and fashion gurus take note, we’ve found the worst colours imaginable, they turn people off buying products and knock hundreds of dollars off a homes value.

The Australian government dropped a ton of money into the research agency GfK to find out what the most off putting colour in the world was. This is part of an effort to brand cigarette packaging so badly that people would be put off buying it.

The study lasted three months, and used 1000 active smokers to find the least appealing colour, but they finally worked it out.

What GfK found was truly horrendous, look upon Pantone 448 C, otherwise known as “opaque couché” and despair.

Ugliest Colour In the world

Truly horrendous. This colour probably finds itself painted on plenty of tanks and camo though. Other colours that were found off putting were Lime green, white, beige, dark gray, and mustard.

May I also suggest changing the fonts on cigarette packaging to Comic-sans, at the very least you’ll save a few designers. If I was part of that group of smokers I would have totally undermined the study by picking my favourite colours as being the most disgusting ones.

The government statement initially described the colour as “olive green” but apparently Australian Olive Association got up and arms about it and the Government had to backpedal and call it “drab dark brown”. When googling “drab dark brown” now wikipedia comes out as the top result with the term “olive”, so I guess the government got the last laugh in the end.

Other countries have also taken on the colour choice after introducing plain packaging laws of their own.

Making the colour serve such an important purpose, saving lives, sort of ennobles it. Maybe it isn’t so ugly after all. Wait no it is, because it has to be, or we’re back at square one.

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