Researchers Figure Out Where Cats Want to be Patted

Through trial and error you may have figured out just how your cat likes it, but a team of researchers from the University of Lincoln in the UK took some time out of their day and 54 cats to nail down exactly where a cat wants to be patted. Although their results may not come as much of a surprise.

12112526Highlights of the study noted that cats scratched at the base of the tail elicited the highest negative reaction, as the area is an erogenous zone, which can either feel super great or super “Don’t touch me”.

The order in which the cat is patted doesn’t have much effect, although they love being stroked around the face especially around their lips, chins and cheeks, where they have scent glands.

One other interesting note was that stroking by owners led to higher negative behavioural responses than stroking by strangers.

Ungrateful little wretches.