These Rings Immitate Your Partners Heartbeat in Real Time

Rings have always been about the binding of two people together. Now a new ring has pushed the concept even further, the HB Ring lets you see and feel the real-time heartbeat of your loved one, directly on your ring.

HB Ring is made out of sapphire and rose gold, making it more than just your regular silicon valley piece of wearable tech made to be thrown away in a year or two. Not only is it precious, but also very durable and practical, as sapphire is theoretically unscratchable. Suck it gorilla glass.

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It is packed with a multidimensional flex-rigid PCB which packs in the tech that makes it function. A heartbeat monitor is the most important part, as well as a thin light stripe wrapped around the ring. The light strip is meant to be the visual representation of a vein.

The charger is classy, perfect for the jewellery it was made for, designed by a German manufacturer of high-end jeweler boxes.


The ring works in conjuction via bluetooth 4.0 with an Android or iOS app. The application lets you set your account and pair it with the loved one within seconds. The app was designed to pair two HB Rings even when they are physically not next to each other. After you set it, you only tap your ring, and it is ready to use.

The creators of the ring point out that the applications of the ring could be useful to couples who work in dangerous occupations, such as the Military, Police and etc., whose lives are daily in danger, allowing their close ones to worry less, without disturbing them. No more ringing up to see if they’re still alive.

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The rings aren’t buzzing all the time though, as this might be distracting. Instead to see the real-time heartbeat of your partner, you need to double tap your HB Ring. Your ring will light up once as a confirmation that the request was sent. A few seconds after your ring will light up with the real-time heartbeat of your partner.

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Now I’m wondering if these rings could be used to catch out cheating partners when they’re heartbeat is going particularly fast at 6pm at work when they said that they’ve “Got to work late and finish off these files.”

The first preorders will be delivered in November 2016. Rose gold rings RRP for $2,990 while the stainless steel versions are shipping for $599

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