Science Finds a Way For Normal People To Enjoy Working Out

So if you thought you’d give exercise a go but didn’t think you could keep up with everyone else then we may have found a secret weapon for you. Research coming out of UBC’s Okanagan campus has found a way for first time gym goers to do exercise and actually enjoy it.

Researchers Kathleen Martin Ginis and Matthew Stork studied “moderate exercise” goers attitudes towards high-intensity interval training (HIIT). None of the people had been exposed to the regime before. Essentially it’s time-efficient exercise strategy that sees people engage in short periods of intense anaerobic exercise separated by less-intense recovery periods. Sounds perfect for me to be honest.

They may be more likely to participate in HIIT again if they try it with music.

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The data found that attitudes towards SIT were significantly more positive following the music than no music condition.

“Newer research has established that as little as 10 minutes of intense HIIT, three times per week can elicit meaningful heath benefits,” says Stork, a PhD candidate at UBC’s Okanagan campus. “For busy people who may be reluctant to try HIIT for the first time, this research tells us that they can actually enjoy it, and they may be more likely to participate in HIIT again if they try it with music.”

The researchers goal is to see if people take on HIIT long term. “With the introduction of HIIT exercise, people may not necessarily require the dreaded 150-minute weekly total.”says Stork.

The 150-minute goal of physical activity has been the magic number in recent times to get people motivated and active. Unfortunately we all lead such packed sedentary lives that it’s just not viable. But we all love shortcuts and staying alive, so this may be the first steps toward a viable alternative.

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