Forget the Gym, This Sexercise Calculator is All the Motivation You’ll Need

Forget the gym, the place to really burn calories is in the bedroom! Not only is it more fun it’s totally free. Chances are you’d rather do this than go to the gym any day as well. I can literally see no downsides to this, apart from maybe like accidental pregnancy or something.

This calculator put out by OnlineDoctor will tell you roughly how much you’ll burn per rep. You can set it for light, moderate, or intense sex. Intense is considered 80 minutes, while light is 32 minutes. 32 minutes of sex equals around 14 minutes of a workout. 80 Minutes of sex will see you lose 290 calories and be equivalent of 69 minutes of working out. A session of moderate sex will almost burn off 1 beer. So if you’ve gone through a six pack you may have found an excuse to go a few more rounds.

Fill in your details and see what you can manage.

The great part is you could almost use this calculator to plan your next “routine”. Could be fun right? All these standing up moves sound… Hmm. Or you can analyse what you’re currently doing and see who unequivocally is doing more work!

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