Sexualisation of Teens Just as Likely as Adults in Hollywood – Study Finds

Strong female roles are few and far between. Actresses will be lucky to get anything more dynamic than “Hot chick who chases lead character around”.

In a recent study Examining Portrayals of Character Gender, Race, & LGBT Status from 2007 to 2014 found that across 700 films less than a quarter of the characters with speaking rolls were women.

“In 2014, females of all ages were more likely than males to be shown in sexy attire (27.9% of females vs. 8% of males), with some nudity (26.4% of females vs. 9.1% of males) and referenced as physically attractive (12.6% of females vs. 3.1% of males).”

“Examining patterns of sexualization by age in 2014 revealed that female teens (13‐20 year olds) were just as likely to be sexualized as young adult females (21‐39 year olds). Middle‐aged females (40‐64 year olds) were less likely than these two groups to be sexualized.”

With statistics like that it isn’t hard to believe that women behind the camera are rare with female directors making up less than 2%.

Infographic: Women Are An Endangered Species In Hollywood | Statista

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In a presentation given by Graham Smith he closed his speech noting “Hollywood has proved itself as not only the definite art form of American society but also as one of the worlds most important and effective forms of political media influencing America today.”

In 2012 a THR poll conducted in conjunction with partner Penn Schoen Berland found that Gay friendly TV with shows such as Glee and Modern Family softened voters to favour gay marriage. “This data would suggest that seeing this stuff makes it more socially acceptable,” noted THR pollster Jon Penn.

So conversely, it begs the question about what this says about the sexualisation of underage teens in film, and what women’s vast under-representation is telling us to believe.

Hollywoods effects can’t be discounted. So I guess this is a call to arms.