This Viral Story Of How This Shy Couple Met Via Twitter Proves That Love Is Real

Jonathan O’Brien was just the guy who operated the Twitter account for the Waterstones bookshop on Oxford St in London. He’d tweet amusing tweets and it caught the heart of Victoria, even though she had no idea who this anonymous person was.

Her friends found out about this crush and dared her to get a date within a week with whoever this mystery person was. It took a bit longer than a week though. This was her opening tweet, which he was bashful about.

Then three years and one book later she tweeted this, which instantly hooked everyone’s attention with her classy Jane Eyre quote “Dear reader, I married him”.

It turns out two months after those initial tweets they went out on a date. “It actually happened from a typo, he ignored my 1st tweet but caught the 2nd…” Victoria says. Only book buffs could find love in a typo.

And the new manager of the Waterstone social media account? They’re desperately single and will marry for retweets if you’re interested.

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